Soludo Appoints Permanent Secretaries from Osun and Abia States

1. Introduction

The Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, has made significant strides by appointing 18 new permanent secretaries across various ministries in the state. This essay explores the details of these appointments and the underlying principles guiding the selection process.

2. Appointment of Permanent Secretaries

Among the 18 appointees, Adebayo Ojeyinka from Osun State and Joachin Achor from Abia State have been selected as permanent secretaries, alongside 16 other individuals from Anambra State.

3. Merit-Based Selection Process

The appointments were made based on merit, following a rigorous and transparent selection process. This process involved a computer-based exam, a thorough search, and one-on-one interactions with Governor Soludo, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of the candidates’ qualifications and alignment with the government’s objectives.

4. Emphasis on Transparency and Fairness

The press statement issued by the governor’s press secretary, Christian Aburime, highlights the commitment to transparency and fairness in the selection process. Unlike previous practices where appointments were solely at the discretion of the governor, this time, a transparent search process was initiated to ensure equal opportunity and the identification of the most qualified candidates.

5. Recognition of Exceptional Abilities

The appointments also recognize the exceptional abilities of younger and highly productive civil servants, emphasizing the importance of talent and competence in public service roles.

6. Promoting Inclusivity and Breaking Barriers

By appointing individuals from different states and backgrounds, he demonstrates a willingness to tap into talent from across the country, fostering a more diverse and dynamic civil service.

7. Appointment of Non-Indigenes

The appointment of Adebayo Ojeyinka from Osun State marks a significant departure from traditional practices, where top civil service positions were often reserved for indigenes only. This move symbolizes Anambra’s openness to individuals from other states and sends a strong message of inclusivity and unity.

8. Conclusion

In conclusion, the appointment of 18 new permanent secretaries by Governor Soludo reflects a commitment to meritocracy, transparency, and inclusivity in Anambra State. By selecting individuals based on their qualifications and abilities, regardless of their state of origin, Soludo demonstrates a progressive approach to governance and sets a precedent for promoting excellence and diversity in the civil service.


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